This questionnaire has been co-produced by people who have used NHS Talking Therapies (Formerly IAPT) and the Lived Experience Team at EK360. EK360 is a community interest company based in Kent who work with health and social care organisations across Kent and Medway. This survey has been designed to hear your feedback of NHS talking therapies so that the voice of people who use the services is at the heart of service development. 


Any feedback that you provide will be anonymised before being shared. The data collected in this questionnaire will be used to help shape and develop NHS Talking Therapies services and how they link into wider community mental health services. 


If you need this questionnaire in a different format please send an email to or leave your contact details a below and we will be in touch to support you completing this questionnaire If you would prefer to chat to someone from the lived experience team please leave your first name and preferred contact details and we will be in touch with you in a few days 


By completing this questionnaire, you consent to your feedback being anonymised and used in reports that will be shared with EK360 (hosts of the Lived Experience team), Kent and Medway commissioners and NHS Talking Therapies providers. Your data will be stored in line with GDPR policy

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I have read the above. *
Please select one of the following *
If you fit in more than one category, please pick the one most applicable currently
Did you refer yourself to the service or were you referred by someone else? *
GP phoned the service on my behalf *
Month and year if known
Which provider did your referral go to?
Eg. Live Well Kent, local church group, local mental health charities, peer support groups etc.
I am currently receiving therapy through IAPT
Which provider is delivering your therapy? *
How is your therapy delivered? *
Does this mode of delivery work for you? *
I have been referred to IAPT and am currently on a waiting list
I have been referred to IAPT in the past but was unable to use the service
Were you referred to the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)? *
I have previously received therapy through IAPT
Did you feel that you had enough sessions of therapy through IAPT? *
for example was it face to face CBT, group therapy, couples counselling etc.
Which provider delivered your therapy?
Would you recommend the therapy you had to a friend who was struggling? *
Did you have to wait for longer than you expected to access treatment? *
Did you get any support through IAPT while you were waiting? *
e.g. phone numbers to contact, signposting to support groups, online resources, anything else?
Private Therapy
Have you ever accessed paid for talking therapy? *
Age Range *
Gender *
Do you identify as Trans? *
Sexuality *
District *
Are you a Carer? *
Do you have a disability or long term health condition? *
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, your feedback will be anonymised and themed by the Lived Experience Team before being included in a report for commissioners and IAPT providers.

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